Quick way to manage Cloud

Cloudiro's simple yet intuitive control panel makes it easy to manage your resources, monitor the health of your cloud, calculate your billing and automatically control failover procedures.

Create, upgrade, downgrade or destroy your Cloud under your full control and anytime on the fly!

Update your account details easily and change your information easily. Your information is safe in our hands.

Check out our VM plans by simply sliding the slider to compare prices and what you will get.

Scale quickly without buying new hardware

Concerned about increasing traffic demands or sudden huge track spikes? With Cloudiro's instant scalability, you don't have to worry any longer. Your Cloud can be scaled quickly to make resources available.

Cloudiro provides an extremely valuable automatic failover process available if a hypervisor becomes unavailable. Your Cloud will be automatically migrated to another suitable hypervisor with our network.

Cloudiro adopts multiple layers of redundancy to prevent any single point of failure.

Helping Businesses take care of complexity

Running of out memory, storage space of processor power and worrying about the interrupting work on your site? Cloudiro offers you a sound solution.

Upgrade memory, storage space or processing power of your Cloud without worries and losing your data.

Cloudiro utilizes only enterprise grade hardware from Supermicro. Each Cloud is connected to SAN with SAS hard drives and RAID 10 redundancy. Each hypervisor of the cloud uses Hyperthreading and Turbo technology, every hypervisor is a dual socket containing two server-grade multi-core Intel Xeon processors.

What businesses should know about Cloud

Cloud hosting allows you to start your online businesses quickly with relatively less initial capital for server infrastructure. You will only have to pay for what your application requires. Now you can have your idea tested quickly with cheaper cost.

Whether you need a Cloud size smaller, bigger or the same or you need the hardware, software and resources exclusive for your application, Cloudiro allows you to have your Cloud ready for deployment in less than 10 minutes.

The flexibility to control your resources lies in your hands.

Various OS templates to choose from

Fully pre-configured and customizable operating system environments helps you to reduce time, cost and complexity of cloud service delivery.

Cloudiro provides a template library for multiple flavours of Linux, Unix and Windows, both 32- and 64-bit.

FREE Anycast DNS Service

You can use Cloudiro Cloud to manage your own domains, and your customers' domains, using straightforward tools in your Cloudiro Control Panel. Our Anycast DNS service is hosted at datacenters around the world.

You just need to create the DNS record for your domain and point your NS records to:


Why Cloudiro?

We love technology and helping our customers. Cloudiro is a team of developers, possessing relevant experience and knowledge in cloud solutions. We understand what it takes to provide the best value for money Cloud solutions for businesses. Designing simple yet intuitive user interfaces that allows you to control your account very easily is also what we believe in.

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